AN: So.. yes, I saw the movie, and it is EPIC.. and given that Elsa is so much like Elphaba, I couldn”t resist writing this.

This first chapter is kind of an introduction, focusing on several characters to show you at which point in the story they are, who they are with, what they are doing, etc.

This will be AU for both Wicked and Frozen (starting from a given point in the musical/movie) and the basic idea is that Arendelle is on the other side of the Great Kells (because when Arendelle has mountains and Oz has mountains, it”s just logical to make them the same mountains, right?).

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Chapter 1.

Let it go, let it go

I”m one with the wind and sky

Elsa spread her arms, and ice spiralled upwards all around her. The snowflakes whirled around her as she set her powers free, released them into the icy cold air. A magnificent ice palace rose all around her, and she threw her head back and laughed, truly laughed, for the first time in forever. She felt free. Up here, she couldn”t hurt anyone. Anna was safe. Everyone was safe, and she would be alone, but free.

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You”ll never see me cry

She removed the tiara from her head, looking at it for a moment before tossing it aside. The winds picked it up and took it higher in a spiralling tornado of snow. Elsa pulled her hair free from the restraining pin that had been holding it in place and unclasped her cloak, allowing it to fly off on the wind. Her fingertips tingled as she turned her navy blue dress into a gorgeous, sparkling, ice blue gown, finishing the picture with a new cloak, a lighter one, to match her dress. She closed her eyes and spread her arms, feeling the power surge through her.

Here I stand

And here I”ll stay

She wasn”t going back. Ever. Arendelle would be fine without her; they didn”t need her. They had Anna now.


She shook her head, determined not to let the thoughts of Anna weaken her. She was doing this for her sister, too. To protect her. She had almost killed her once, and she would not allow anything like that to happen ever again. Anna would be Princess of Arendelle and Elsa would stay where she was, right up here in her ice palace. She would be alone… but then again, hadn”t she been alone pretty much her entire life?

And besides, if that was the price she had to pay to keep the people safe, then she would.

Let the storm rage on

Conceal, Don

Elsa opened the doors to her icy balcony, placing her hands on the railing and breathing in the cold winter air. Around her, the snow was still falling, the ice palace still growing, her powers continuing to break free after years of being stashed away in a dark corner of her soul. She was letting go, and it felt good. A small smile graced her lips as she took in the snowy mountains around her, the place she would call home from now on.

“The cold never bothered me anyway,” she whispered to herself, before turning around and going back inside, carefully closing the doors behind her.

Elphaba bent down lower, her hair falling down over one shoulder and her chin nearly brushing the broomstick as she urged the thing to go faster. She shot up higher, out of the Gale Force”s reach, and breathed a sigh of relief. That had been a close call – again. She should really be more careful… but then again, no matter how careful she was, they always found her trail at some point. They always came after her.

She straightened up again, impatiently brushing a few locks of hair away from her face as she pointed the broomstick in the direction of the Great Kells. She would be safe there. No-one ever went up there – all she had to do was find the highest mountain and set up camp there, if only temporarily. She needed to lay low for a little while.

She sighed, her heart sinking as she thought of the things that had happened that day. First her fight with Nessa, the fact that she had had to change Boq into a tin man… She cringed a little. She felt bad for leaving Nessa behind like that, but she hadn”t had much of a choice, really. What she”d told Nessa was true – she had done everything she could for her sister, and it hadn”t been enough. It would never be enough.

After leaving Nessa behind, she had flown straight to the Emerald Palace, where the Wizard had discovered her in his Throne Room. He had tried to placate her, convince her to work with him, he had even set the flying Monkeys free; but then she had discovered Dr. Dillamond and she had rejected his offer. Before he could even make his way over to his mechanical head to call the guards, she had launched herself across the room, snatching her broom away and jumping out of the window. She had been chased by some of the Gale Force soldiers, but they couldn”t keep up with her, no matter how hard they tried.

Now she was making her way over to the Great Kells, determined to stay there for a while and calm herself down a little. She needed a plan.

“Olaf,” Anna said urgently, kneeling down in front of the snowman. “Did Elsa create you?”

He nodded. “Yeah, why?”

“Do you know where she is?”

More nodding. “Yeah, why?”

Anna grew more and more excited. “Do you think you can take us to her?”

“Yeah, why?”

Anna looked up at Kristoff. “She”s here!”

“Where, exactly?” Kristoff asked the snowman, and Olaf thought about it for a moment.

“She has a palace,” he said. “A palace of snow and ice. She”s been staying there. I can take you to her.”

Anna smiled broadly at him. “Lead the way, Olaf, please!”

Kristoff leant towards her. “Are we really following a snowman right now?” he whispered in her ear.

She elbowed him in the side. “If he can take us to my sister,” she hissed back at him, “then I am willing to trust him. We have to end this eternal winter, Kristoff. Only I can do that.”

He looked sceptical. “And how did you want to go about that, exactly?” he asked her. “Have you thought about that yet?”

Anna shrugged. “I”ll just talk to her,” she said simply. “She”s my sister.”

He looked doubtful. “Who says she”s not going to hurt you? Who says she”ll listen?”

“She would never hurt me,” Anna insisted, moving through the snow as she followed Olaf. Sven trudged behind her, nudging her shoulder as she walked. She laughed and petted his nose before turning to look back at Kristoff again. “I don”t know if she”ll listen,” she said truthfully. “But the least I could do is try.”

He couldn”t really argue with that, so instead of trying, he just kept his mouth shut and followed Olaf, Anna and Sven as they made their way over to Queen Elsa”s ice palace.

“The Witch! The Witch was here!”

The entire Palace was buzzing with the news, and Fiyero hurried towards the Throne Room. “Your Ozness?” he asked the moment the Wizard came in sight, meanwhile trying his hardest to ignore the furious pounding of his heart in his chest. “What happened?”

“It was the Witch,” one of the other Gale Force soldiers told Fiyero. “She was here. She threatened the Wizard.”

“Did you catch her?” Fiyero asked, trying to keep his voice neutral. Much to his relief, the other man shook his head.

“She escaped,” he said. He pointed towards the window. “Through the window. She”s heading towards the Great Kells.”

“Guards!” the Wizard”s mechanical head suddenly boomed. “The Witch has travelled in the direction of the Great Kells! I need volunteers to go there after her and FIND HER!”

Fiyero immediately raised his hand. “I volunteer!”

Glinda, who had bounced after him, gasped and grabbed his arm. “No! Fifi! What are you doing?”

He turned to look at her, softening upon seeing the anguished look in his fiancée”s blue eyes. “Glin,” he said, taking both her hands in his. “We”ll talk about this later tonight, okay?”

She looked up at him. She looked like she wanted to say something; but instead of doing so, she just nodded. “Okay,” she said in a small voice.

As Fiyero and the other volunteers received their instructions for finding the Witch, Fiyero”s mind was reeling.

The Great Kells. That was where he would find her.

That was where he would go.

Elphaba stared at the girl across from her.

She had been flying over the mountains when she had suddenly realised that everything beneath her was white. When she had landed, she had discovered that the entire area was bathed in a thick layer of snow and ice… and then she had discovered the shining palace in the distance. She had climbed back onto her broom and flown in that direction, curious, and then she had seen a girl exiting the palace. The girl that was now standing a few metres away.

Elphaba dropped her broom and took a step closer.

Elsa came closer as well.

They studied one another for a few moments. Elsa”s skin was pale, while Elphaba”s was green. Elsa had platinum blonde, almost white, hair, and was dressed in a light, icy blue gown; while Elphaba”s hair was a midnight black and she was wearing her trademark ebony dress. They took each other in for a few long moments, completely silent. It was almost like looking into a mirror that reflected the exact opposite of yourself – they were so different that in a way, they were alike.

Light blue eyes met dark brown ones. Parakeet pdf free download. “Who are you?” Elsa asked, breaking the silence. “What are you doing here?”

Elphaba blinked, completely stunned that this girl didn”t recognise her. She let out a small, nervous laugh. “Are you serious?” She gestured towards her green skin, her hat, then her broomstick. “Doesn”t ring any bells?”

Elsa shook her head.

Elphaba gestured towards the palace now. “Is that yours?” she asked in wonder.

Elsa nodded a bit hesitantly. “Look,” she said with a sigh. “You should get away from me.”

Elphaba raised an eyebrow.

“Not that I wouldn”t like to get to know you,” Elsa quickly said. “It”s nothing personal, trust me. It”s just… I don”t want to hurt you.”

Elphaba took the other girl in for a few long moments. “Then don”t,” she said simply.

“I wish it were that easy!” Elsa made a frustrated hand gesture, and immediately, a few icicles suddenly appeared from the frozen ground and pointed in her direction. She quickly lowered her hands, folding them together. “Please leave,” she whispered.

Elphaba, however, was amazed. “You have magical powers?” she whispered incredulously.

“It”s why I left Arendelle,” Elsa said, wrapping her arms around her own waist. “I was endangering everyone. I can”t control it, which is exactly why you need to leave. Please… I don”t want to hurt anyone.”

Elphaba couldn”t believe her own ears. Here was a girl her age with magical powers… and she couldn”t control them. Elphaba hadn”t thought she would ever meet anyone like herself, but this girl seemed to prove her wrong.

“I don”t want to leave,” the green girl said. “You”re the first person to talk normally to me in over two years.”

Elsa seemed astonished to hear that. “I…”

“You can”t make me leave,” Elphaba added. “I refuse to.” She wanted to elicit a response from the other girl, try to get her to use her magic. She wanted more proof of what this white-haired girl could do before she would give herself away.

Elsa frowned slightly. “This is my palace,” she insisted. “I created it. If I want you to stay out, you will stay out.”

Elphaba smirked slightly. “Try me,” she suggested.

Elsa hissed in annoyance, and suddenly, there were more pointy icicles rushing their way. They came from behind Elsa and they were aimed at the green girl across from the queen.

“Do it,” Elphaba challenged her. “I”d like to see that power of yours.”

The icicles rushed towards Elphaba, ready to impale her. Elsa yelped, “Look out!” but before she had even finished speaking, Elphaba had raised her hands and the icicles shattered in thousands of tiny pieces of ice.

Elsa stared at the ice scattered everywhere, then back at the girl opposite her, with wide eyes. “How…” she stammered. “How did you…”

Elphaba gave her a tired half-smile. “You”re not the only one with powers,” she said. “I learnt to control them – to some extent, anyway – but they”re still there, and they”re still a danger.”

Elsa gestured towards the castle with a trembling hand. “Would you like to come in?” she asked, her voice shaking almost as badly as her hand.

Elphaba nodded. “I think you and I should talk.”

“You”re going to the Great Kells,” Glinda said. “On a dangerous mission to find her.”

Conceal Don”t Feel Meaning

“Glin, I”m the Captain of the Guard,” Fiyero reminded her. “They would expect me to –”

“That”s not the reason,” Glinda cut him off. “That”s not the reason and we both know it.”

He closed his mouth again.

Glinda started pacing, her beautiful ball gown dancing around her as she strode across the room and back. “I tried to fool myself,” she said. “I saw it, but I didn”t want to see it. I didn”t want to believe it. I convinced myself that you wanted to find her for me, to reassure me, because she”s my best friend, but… but that”s not true, is it?”

He kept silent. He knew there was nothing he could say right now to make this better.
“We were drifting apart,” she said. “I knew it, and so did you. So I arranged the engagement, because I thought it would make you happy… or perhaps that wasn”t even the reason,” she whispered. “Perhaps…” He could almost see realisation dawn on her. “Perhaps it was just a way, a desperate attempt, to keep you with me.”

He still didn”t say anything, just watched her as her mind kicked into overdrive. Like this, pacing up and down as he could almost see her racking her brain, she reminded him of someone else. The one person he would leave Glinda for, and Glinda herself was finally figuring that out.

“Or not even that,” Glinda went on. “Because… because I deserve better than that. Don”t I?”

“You do,” he said softly, because she did. She was a wonderful person. She deserved someone to love her, truly love her, with all his heart. Someone that was not Fiyero.

“Maybe it was a test.” Glinda stopped and looked at him. “I hoped you”d be happy,” she confessed. “I really, really hoped you would be, because it would mean that you really did love me. That the only reason you were so distant was because you were busy, or thinking about a difficult Gale Force mission, or… or… anything. Anything but this. But it was this, wasn”t it?” Her blue eyes finally filled with tears as she looked him in the eyes.

“You”re willing to travel into the Great Kells,” she whispered. “You”re willing to risk freezing to death, getting lost… you”re willing to face the most dangerous place Oz has to offer. That”s how badly you want to find her.”

Fiyero could only nod, not seeing any point in lying to her. He had lied to her for far too long now.

“H-how long?” Glinda”s voice was almost a whisper, and the betrayal and hurt in her voice broke Fiyero”s heart.

“She doesn”t know,” he said, wanting to make that clear. “I don”t even know if she feels the same way about me. But…” He closed his eyes for a moment.

“I love her,” he then confessed, and Glinda gasped and abruptly turned away from him.

“I”m sorry, Glin,” he said to her back. “I really am. But it”s true. I… I love her. I”ve loved her ever since Shiz. When you girls travelled to the City, I thought about it, and… and I promised myself I would break things off with you the moment you”d come back, because it wasn”t fair for any of us if I kept on leading you on. I never loved you the way you wanted me to, and I”m sorry for that.”

Glinda sobbed. “Why didn”t you?” she cried, turning around to hurl a pillow in his direction. “Why didn”t you break things off with me? Why in Oz did you lie to me for over two years?!”

“I didn”t want to hurt you more!” He looked at her pleadingly. “Please try to understand me, Glinda,” he begged her. “You came home, and you were so heartbroken… I couldn”t break your heart even more! And besides, I thought I”d never see Elphaba again, anyway – she was gone and for as far as I knew, she wasn”t going to come back… and I didn”t want to leave you alone. Not after you went through all that.”

Her sobs had turned to sniffles now. “I… I understand, I guess.” She sighed and turned back to face him. “I hate you,” she said. “I hate you for lying to me, and I hate you for loving someone that”s not me, but… but the truth is that you can”t really help it, either. You don”t choose who you fall in love with.” She lowered her eyes. “And maybe I was blind,” she admitted. “Maybe I was so impressed by the way we looked together, how perfect we were, that I didn”t see that we were never really in love. I do love you,” she told him. “In a way, but… but maybe not the right way, either. Maybe… maybe you”re right.”

He looked up at her. “Thank you,” he said softly. “For understanding.”

She leant down to kiss his cheek. “I”m still mad at you,” she warned him. “You shouldn”t have lied to me for this long.”

He stared at his shoes in shame. “I know,” he muttered. “I”m sorry.”

“And I kind of want to turn you into a toad right now,” Glinda continued.

Fiyero cringed.

“But…” She bit her lip. “You”re going on what”s basically a suicide mission tomorrow,” she said in a small voice. “And if something should happen to you, I don”t want to feel awful because my last words to you were “I hate you”.”

He smiled slightly. “That”s nice of you.”

“Self-preservation,” she told him haughtily. Then she smiled a bit sadly at him as well. “Go,” she said softly. “Go with them. Find her. Make sure she”s safe.”

Fiyero squeezed Glinda”s hand. “I will.”

She removed her engagement ring from her finger, looking at it for a long time before placing it on a small table in the corner of the room. She looked at him. “Good luck,” she said.

Then she left the room, making sure Fiyero wouldn”t see the tears that were shining in her eyes.

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